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Moving Supplies

The Boxes

Green and reusable. Our boxes make moving faster than ever before. No assembly, no tape, and no cardboard to hassle with. Just pack, close the lids, and off you go. Plus, they’re reusable! Dimensions: 27″x17″x12″

The dollies

These dollies are custom made for our boxes. Simply stack a few boxes on a dolly, and you’ll be rolling in no time!

Wardrobe boxes

Our wardrobe boxes are the easiest way to move your entire closet. Simply hang your clothing in the wardrobe box and your closet is packed. Dimensions: 24″x20″x48″ (may be plastic or cardboard)

Packing Supplies

Bubble Wrap

This bubble wrap is great for protecting your fragile items. Just wrap and place them in a box. Plus, our bubble wrap is made from recycled material and is 100% recyclable!

Newspaper Print

This is just like your traditional newspaper print but without the ink…and made from 100% recycled material! It’s great for interweaving between glassware or crinkled up to fill in void spaces.

Packing Services

Coming Soon!

  • Hourly or Flat Rate.
  • Short Notice Moves.
  • Take the stress out of packing!