Wegobox Environmental friendly moving boxes, Move fast and simple

Get moving. Pick your location.


How many boxes do I need?Take a look at our packages. Those numbers should get you pretty close to the number of boxes you’ll need, depending on the size of your home. Of course, you know your home better than we do – if you think you need more boxes, go ahead and add a few extra.

How many dollies do I need?As you probably realize, dollies are essential to your move. If you’re moving yourself or you need to move quick, you may want to order a few extra dollies depending on how many people you have helping you.

How long can I keep the boxes?The standard rental term is 2 weeks but you can add as many weeks as you like. If you need more than what’s on the order form, just give us a ring or send us an email. If you want us to pick the boxes up early, just send us an email and we’ll do our best to move you up in the schedule.

Will Wegobox move my boxes after I’ve packed? Wegobox does not currently provide moving services to move your boxes.

I am interested in hiring movers. Can you refer us to a good moving company? Yes! We regularly work with high quality and reputable movers. Just let us know and we’ll be happy to give you a few names.

Will the boxes be clean when I get them?Yes! Every box is inspected and cleaned with an environmentally friendly cleaner before delivery.

I’m moving to another city, can I still rent your boxes?If you’re moving between the DC area and the Chicago area – Yes! Make sure you check the zip code to confirm you’re in one of our delivery areas. If you’re going to another city, we can’t help you at the moment, but we will hopefully have a location to service you soon!