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About Us

Where we started

Like many small businesses, Wegobox began as an idea between a few friends who were tired of scavenging for cardboard moving boxes. As busy professionals, we had neither the time nor desire to collect clean cardboard boxes from friends and businesses…then we ended up paying way too much for something we’d only use once then throw away. Why not collaborate as consumers to save money and time? Yeah, sounds like a good idea. That was our genesis and, thousands of box rentals later, it has grown into a business.

Our team

Wegobox is comprised of professionals dedicated to providing an environmentally friendly and affordable solution for your moving needs. We´re working hard to make your move a little easier.

Where we´re going

With service areas in both the DC and Chicago areas, we are just beginning to build a green network of Wegobox moving boxes. We are so excited to add a team of experienced movers to offer our Washington, D.C., customers a full-service package that includes our moving boxes and moving services. We’re planning careful but aggressive growth by setting up several locations across the United States in the next several years. If we’re not in your city now, we’re doing our best to get there soon!